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TORN: Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons Volume 7

“In the voluminous output of their cartoons, it’s worth remembering the breadth of the work of Huck and Konopacki—individually, collectively and disjointedly. The art of HK has exposed, educated and occasionally amused—not simply as detached observers but key participants—from their prestigious Wage Slave World News, organizing of the Cultural Workers and Artists Caucus of the Labor Party, strike support posters, flyers, art classes for workers and so much more. Or less.

“The unavoidable afflictions of age—creeping senility and dementia—have halted lesser artists, but HK fearlessly crossed that line and soldier on undeterred. Did we even notice? They have gallantly shoved their pen-weapons up the butts of the bosses.

“Huck and Konopacki have truly earned their place in the anals of labor history!”

Mike Alewitz

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