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Glass Ceiling


From the Bureau of Labor Statistics


  1. “when The Jobs Related Almanac ranked 250 jobs from best to worst based on a combination of salary, stress, work environment, outlook, security and physical demands, they found that 24 of the 25 worst jobs were almost-all-male jobs.

    Some examples: truck driver, sheet-metal worker, roofer, boilermaker, lumberjack, carpenter, construction worker or foreman, construction machinery operator, football player, welder, millwright, ironworker.

    All of these “worst jobs” have one thing in common: 95 to 100 percent men. And within a given death profession, the more dangerous the assignment, the more likely it is to be assigned to a man.

    One reason the jobs men hold pay more, then, is because they are more hazardous. The additional pay might be called the “Death Profession Bonus.”” WARREN FARRELL

    glass is easy to break, and these women and minorities are seen by everyone.
    the concrete basement is where men exist. lower than women and minorities, concrete is very difficult to break through, and they are seen by no one.

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