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Les Miserable Wage


President Obama couldn’t bring himself to say the word “union” in his State of the Union address. Instead he begged the 1% to be nice to workers. He then low-balled the minimum wage by calling for $9.00 (it’s $7.25 now). According to the wage would be $10.58 if it had been tied to inflation. They also point out that “If the minimum wage had kept pace with the rise in executive salaries since 1990, America’s poorest paid workers would be making more than $23 an hour.”

What do workers want? During the Walmart strikes of last year, and the fast-food strikes in New York City, workers were demanding $15.00 per hour.

How about making a deal with the 1%? ABOLISH THE MINIMUM WAGE! In exchange all workers should be allowed to unionize and bargain collectively to raise their own wages, not depending on government intervention.

RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE! (A New York Times editorial)


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