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Mike Konopacki Labor Cartoons for December 2017

Janus v. AFSCME, Sexual harassment, Racist Right-To-Work, GOP tax “reform”


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  1. I love your work, Mike, and have for years. So did the members of CWA Local 9410 when I was editor of the local paper and subscribed to Huck/Konopacki cartoons. I put a new cartoon on each month’s Steward’s bulletin that was displayed prominently on Union Bulletin Boards in every worksite in San Francisco. Everyone started waiting for each month’s new cartoon after a while, and became better aware of the union news.
    Bosses, we’re not so enthusiastic….ha! But they had no say in the matter and no control over what we posted on our UBBs.
    That was a long time ago now. I retired in 1996 and my local lost over 80% of its membership in downsizing since then.
    But I am pleased to see that both you and huck are still doing good work. What you do is important and you do it so well.
    I am glad to be back in touch with Saul Schneiderman and receive his newsletter where I see your latest work.
    Best wishes to you, Brother Mike, and Solidarity forever!

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