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Gary Huck teacher cartoons for March 2018

What kids want, Arming teachers, PBS cuts, Disability cuts



  1. So you”re ok with the armed police being in the school How about cops cross trained to teach? Make you feel better? It”s totally semantics.. Police training isn”t rocket science, actually the teacher requirements are much harder. Nobody is suggesting 5″2 99 pound Ms Tiny Kindergarten teacher be trained to protect the school. In fact it doesn”t even need to be classroom teachers. There are a lot of support staff in a school. For example we have thousands of assistant school football coaches hire as coaches but doubling as classroom teachers in the off season (to hide classroom budget money spent on athletics) . How far a mental leap is it to think of cross trained willing and able school staff doubling as undercover school marshalls? online

    • Please, at your leisure, look up the definition of satire.

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