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GOP Double Standard

Dave Zweifel’s Plain Talk: Double standards from Obama to Trump are mind-boggling



  1. This is a Perfect depiction

    • Not double standard; “actual” standard.

      • Not Actual standard either. With Trump’s deficit growing at such an exponential rate, the best they could do was a Fly-by Deficit Estimate.

        • Trump 2020!Keep America Great!

          • You like the 21 Trillion deficit Trump has given us?

          • So you like the trillion dollar deficit?

  2. Why can’t we blast the facts on every newspaper magazine network all at once? Why is it that we let the cesspool regime of lies continue the total destruction of all we hold dear and sacred in this country? We are all headed down the abyss of no return.

  3. Crazy thing is, that isn’t actually Obama’s deficit. It was Bush’s. Obama had achieved cutting the deficit by 3/4. At that rate, he could have put the federal government back into the black, where we were 20 years ago.

  4. All while Obama was cutting the deficit.

  5. Although it’s a double standard on both sides. For 8 years under Obama Democrats were insisting “Deficits don’t matter”, and now are angry about Cheeto’s deficit. Pointing out your opponent’s hypocrisy doesn’t mean much when you’re the same but in reverse.

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