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Madison Oasis


I rarely publish my cartoons with a qualifier, but I have to do it today. Madison may be an oasis in a deteriorating state, but it’s a desert for people of color. Dave Zweifel’s column doesn’t discuss that problem.

Dave Zweifel’s Plain Talk: For state’s sake, stop beating up on Madison

Capital Times editor Paul Fanlund’s column does address “our divided city.”
Evjue grant to Justified Anger meant as antidote for ‘our divided city’

Bryna Godar of the Capital Times reports on the Justified Anger conference that was held May 29.
Justified Anger coalition rolls out ‘Our Madison Plan’

Read it carefully. You will read about Justified Anger’s efforts to “building a black middle class, black entrepreneurship and black executives,” but you will not read anything about empowering the working class by organizing workers into labor unions. Sadly this upper-middle class movement says more about class than it does about race.