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Silent Strike

From Florida Today: “Silent Strike” Demoralized and underpaid, 625 teachers have walked away from Brevard schools



  1. This is so true (especially in Florida, where some of these factors are particularly acute)! My colleague and I have been publishing a series of papers on the factors driving teacher shortages across the country, which the brilliant creator of this cartoon might appreciate. Check out and the three related papers we have since published (fifth on its way soon).

  2. Which is exactly the plan of the Republicons, and their Masters, the corp[orations and billionaires, through ALEC
    in order to kill public schools, break it and then say it does not work
    See Spring 2014 issue of YES MAGAZINE, the education issue for the history of how they have been doing it. This is a plan over 40 years in the making

  3. I am not from Florida, but this year I became one those “Silent Strikes” in Indiana after 16 years in the classroom. My new company is filled with career teachers.

  4. My wifes a brevard teacher and she has been there 18 years. Sad that she is considering leaving dur to pay

  5. I guess they forgot the definition of teacher….

  6. That’s what happen underpaid staff is not going to stay

  7. I remember when we passed the “SMALLER CLASSROOM SIZE” Amendment and was not implemented for reasons of “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” ….
    Thanks to that time Governor, Jeb Bush – Public school system was underfunded eversince

  8. I’m sure none of their kids go to public schools. So they use that reason to make money from it via charter schools.

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