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$15 and a Union


From In These Times: The fight for $15 is raising wages, Now it’s time for step 2: Unions

From Aljazeera America: Labor groups call for minimum wage higher than $15 per hour

From the New York Times: WeWork Ends Dispute With Janitorial Workers


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  1. Let’s stomp on that foot much, *much* harder. Let’s make this piece of execuslime *really* scream until he gives in and never again abuses us.

    As Elizabeth Warren has noted, if the U.S. minimum wage had kept up with increases in U.S. workers’ productivity since 1960, the former would now be $22 an hour. Yes, business can afford this, especially if it would cut those bloated CEO and other executive salaries and perks and exorbitant stockholder dividends.

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