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Payday Lenders


Dave Zweifel’s Plain Talk: Don’t allow payday lenders to gouge soldiers or the poor

One Comment

  1. I AM SO OFFENDED YOU pompous, proletariat, PIckle Picker! How dare you attack the altruistic bankers who generously provide short term loans to the destitute! I bet it makes you feel like a Big Man, beating up on bankers like that? And you insist on using the Internet, that we… the 1% thanklessly provide, only to be thanked by being drawn as a corpulentt, withered, and pruned out elephants?! Nahhhhhh, really though, i just went to your closing at u.eichen, and i love both yall’s work, its genius and really makes me, laugh. I actually did get a payday loan, once, too. And I paid it off three or four times in withdrawal payments that they would make, consistently inconsistently, almost in an attempt to cause me to become overdrawn or have that payment denied and therefore more fees applied. It was only after I went to a vigilante payday loan help website, that I learned the entire loan was illegal, as the lender didn’t have a physical location in state of Illinois, and as a result I could stop the payments at the bank, and requested and received a full repayment of the amount I paid after the principal. Again, keep up the good work, I feel lucky to have found ya, thanks for showing in Chicago!